A  few things about this blog.

Many fellow artists message me on my social media with questions on techniques or tools I have used. The questions are usually the same and they're all questions I had when I started drawing or every time I got my hands on a new material or technique.

Trying to understand how things work, is some times challenging. I've never had proper art education other than buying new materials, trying them out and staring at other peoples work, most of the times confused trying to figure out how they did it. I learned most of what I know from video tutorials and process pictures of artists who take the time to upload them. And frankly I still don't know much. But the little I know took time, error and effort. By sharing it I hope to help out anyone who may be having the same questions about how to blend alcohol marker, choose the right kind of paper or making clouds with a contouring sponge!

Being a supporter of free exchange of knowledge, I do this without profit in mind. My articles will alway be available to all fellow artists with questions that happen to find an answer here.

I should let you know if theres a legit way for every material or technique, for sure I don't know it! So don't refer here for the "right" way to do anything...this is just the way I figured how to do it.

So enough said! I will do my best to upload an entry for every question I've had so far.


© 2020 by Melina Van Der Werf

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