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Tutorial: How to draw a Lotus Flower

tutorial of a lotus flower structure

The lotus is one of the most depicted flowers in art history. Through time and cultures, it has come to represent different meanings and has been portrayed in different styles and mediums.

However even as one of the most celebrated flowers ever, capturing it's elegance can be tricky. In this tutorial I'm attempting to show a method that makes it easier to understand how to always get the basic shape right.

If you want to try this out, I suggest you get yourself a couple of different shades of colour pencils and try out drawing with the lotus flower tutorial below!

I hope this was helpful! I know for myself, I had a hard time getting most flowers with that many petals to look right. And it took a lot of practice to get there. So don't get disappointed if the first few don't look anything like what you intended.

Keep drawing and have fun doing it!



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