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Print and sticker drop!!

Finally after A WHILE I have a new print and sticker drop! I chose some of my favourite artwork and made high quality digital prints out of them, along some clear and holographic stickers.

The artwork I chose were pieces I have wanted to release a long time and some I created during quarantine, so I couldn't let them wait any longer!

All the original artwork I painted in alcohol markers and gouache on Bristol paper.

This is one of my favourite fu dogs because it actually started out as a tattoo draft for a client who wanted me the create a design in "exactly my style" but then found it too aggressive and wanted his own design tattooed on him instead. Long story short, I made a new artwork for my wall and he didn't get tattooed by me.

(print size: 9.5x12inches/24x30cm)

This is one of my quarantine artworks. I decided to paint something that any sane person would paint digitally instead of handpaint 33x50cm of circuit board. But I couldn't work, couldn't leave the house and I had just bought a new ring light so...

There's also a video of this ,because as tedious as it might sound it was actually fun to make.

(print size:11.5x9 inches/29x23cm)

Another one of my quarantine artworks and my first attempt into a large scale piece at 50x65cm. This one is a very personal image that was stuck with me for a while and finally found the time and courage to realize it.

I'm against explaining artwork, and in the rare cases I give some kind of context, I always try to keep it vague and let the viewer find their own meaning, instead of leading them with my very specific personal one. Besides, I really think both me and whoever else is looking at it, each with their own eyes, meet somewhere, at some point, at some level in this image.

(print size: 10x13 inches/25x33cm)

Go ahead and check out all these goodies in the video below and in the meantime check out my Instagram page if you want to find out where and when they will be available

Thank you for coming back here!



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