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Realistic colouring with alcohol markers

Colouring with alcohol markers may seem limiting to specific illustrative styles like manga, but that couldn't be farther from the truth, as creating a realistic drawing is absolutely possible too! There are several ways and techniques that can be applied when working with this medium that just like any other, and needs some time and practice.

  • On my first video I went through the basics on how to use alcohol markers.

  • Then on the second video I showed in practice those techniques, by applying them on a simple tattoo design.

  • On this new video below, I wanted to show a different approach. So I use the same techniques but the style of the artwork this time being totally different. The aim was to show that if you want you can also create a more realistic style with markers.


I hope you find this video useful!

  • If you need advice on what to look for before buying alcohol markers click here

  • For a walk through on the right alcohol marker paper click here

And have fun drawing!


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