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Tutorial: How to draw scales-Part 2 (koi)

Scales on a Koi Fish tutorial

drawing of a koi fish

In Part 1 of this tutorial we went through the basic steps of learning how to draw scales. First on a flat surface for the most basic principles and then on a cylinder, to examine perspective and curvature.

If you watched Part 1, now it's time to experiment on an actual body of one of the most common designs that feature scales, the koi fish. Koi fish are pretty easy to draw because the body is mostly straight with only a few possible ways to twist or turn the tail. This is why it makes for a perfect entry point in the scale game.

So watch the tutorial below to see how you can incorporate the basic rules of drawing scales from the first video on the body of a koi fish!


If you found that tutorial useful go ahead and watch Part 3 where I apply the same basic rules on a more complicated body shape, a snake.




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